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In partnership with the United Nation’s effort to celebrate the International Day of Peace by strengthening the ideals of peace, TPRF produced a new video to help grow awareness that peace is possible for individuals across the planet. Please join the Peace for People 2016 campaign by watching the video and sharing it!

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Peace Education Program


The Peace Education Program is designed to help participants discover their own inner resources—innate tools for living such as inner strength, choice, and hope—and the possibility of personal peace.

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Food for People

A model food program for rural villages in poverty-stricken areas that is bringing about significant improvements in school attendance and achievement, community health, and economic outlook.

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Empowering People

This video summarizes how TPRF is working to empower millions of people across the globe to live with a strengthened sense of dignity, peace, and prosperity.

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News & Stories From the Field

Bright Ideas: Food for People Ghana Helps Student Inventor

Bright Selikumah is a 14-year-old student at Otinibi Basic School who “has dazzled the staff and students” with his technical skills and inventions, according to a recent report in the Graphic Online, a local news outlet. The aptly named young man eats daily meals at the Food for People (FFP) facility, which he credits for helping fuel his success.

Together, We Achieve Results

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Show Your Support

Your support helps empower millions of people across the globe to live with a strengthened sense of dignity, peace, and prosperity. Each donation is important, whatever the size, and can help make a big difference in peoples’ lives, whether through the Peace Education Program or by providing essential humanitarian aid to those most in need.


People Powered Events

Each year, supporters all over the world raise significant funds for the Foundation through independent fundraising events and initiatives. These events happen because of People Power—the power of people working together to help other people. If you’d like to have fun raising funds and awareness, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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Make a Difference

The work of TPRF is propelled by people like you—volunteers who use their imagination, talent, and enthusiasm to support the Foundation’s programs and initiatives. Join our amazing team of volunteers!




Instagram: Snapshots from the Field

  • This is Bright Selikumah, an aptly named young inventor who is dazzling students and staff in Otinibi, Ghana with his creations. He credits the Food for People program with helping fuel his ideas. Read the new interview with him:

#tprf #ghana #westafrica #africa #humanity #foodaid #foodforpeople #science
  • In this new video excerpt TPRF Founder Prem Rawat talks to Journalist Burt Wolf about how the Food for People program is making a big impact. Watch the complete video and show your support for this remarkable program here!: 
#tprf #premrawat #burtwolf #foodaid #humanity #fundraiser #india #nepal #ghana
  • The New Era Appeal is off to a great start! In this video excerpt TPRF President Daya Rawat talks about how your support is helping change lives around the globe. Watch the full video and donate here!: #TPRF
  • Watch TPRF President Daya Rawat's new video message about all that we have accomplished together in 2016 and support the New Era Appeal so that we can be ready for the abundant opportunities that lie ahead!: #TPRF
  • "Peace is not something you have to get from someone else. It is within you. It is a feeling. You don't have to buy it. You just have to find it in yourself. For the first time in my life, I have peace. For the first time in my life, I am free. I'm so happy the Peace Education Program was introduced to me!" - Elizabeth Mohapi, sharing her perspective at the Sebokeng Youth Advisory Centre. Learn more about Peace Education in South Africa at #peacesouthafrica #sowetograms #soweto #johannesburg #peaceeducation #southafrica
  • This is Dimpho, who says that she used to be "angry at the world" and even contemplated suicide before peace education helped inspire her to be a more confident person and cultivate a positive perspective about life. She also says she's excited to emcee an upcoming event with #TPRF Founder Prem Rawat in Soweto. Find the latest news and views about peace education in South Africa here: #peacesouthafrica #sowetograms #soweto #peaceeducation #johannesburg #southafrica
  • This is Malu, who says he used to be tormented by grudges. "If you did me wrong, I would swear on my grandfather's grave that one day I would take revenge." Participating in the Peace Education Program at the Sebokeng Youth Advisory Centre helped him "start a new chapter. I've started to forgive and accept the past as it is. I cannot change what has happened in the past, but I can live in the present and make the future the best." We're so glad to hear the program helped you Malu! #peacesouthafrica #sowetograms #peaceeducation #johannesburg #tprf #peaceispossible #soweto #southafrica
  • The Peace Education Super Team in Soweto is already making great use of the iPads that TPRF gave them last week - thanks to them for all the work they do, we're happy the iPads are helping! #peacesouthafrica #tprf #southafrica #johannesburg #peaceeducation #superteam #soweto #sowetograms
  • The Orlando Towers, remnants of a decommissioned power plant, are the the most prominent landmarks in Soweto, South Africa, where the Peace Education Program is taking off. It's mostly a heavily urbanized environment of millions of people, who take advantage of any remaining open spaces to graze livestock and cultivate gardens. #peacesouthafrica #soweto #sowetograms #tprf #peaceeducation #peaceispossible #johannesburg #southafrica
  • This is Linda, who was taking computer training courses at the Sebokeng Youth Advisory Centre when she heard of the Peace Education Program there. She says she didn't understand the program at first, but is happy she stuck with it. "Before the Peace Education Program, I was an aggressive person. Anger was my friend," she says. "This program had a way of changing me from the inside, changing that anger to love. I can choose to be happy rather than angry." #peacesouthafrica #tprf #peaceeducation #southafrica #soweto #sowetograms #johannesburg #peaceispossible
  • Hooray for Peace Education in Katlehong, South Africa 🇿🇦! We look forward to sharing video about what's happening here soon! #peacesouthafrica #southafrica #tprf #peaceeducation #peace #peaceispossible #johannesburg
  • This is Paballo, who recently participated in the Peace Education Program in Katlehong, South Africa soon after her parents died. She says it helped her deal with her grief and now she is crying less. So sorry for your loss Paballo -- our hearts go out to you and we're happy the program helped! #peacesouthafrica #katlehong #soweto #johannesburg #southafrica #peaceeducation #tprf #peace #peaceispossible

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